Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh Snap...and by that I mean Snapping Turtles

This past weekend I was with a youth group from Boerne, TX. We were camping at Inks Lake State Park and took some time to swim in the lake. It was beautiful, but the water was a little murky...I couldn't see my legs once I was in the water.

Anyway, After swimming around for a while, I got on float (ok, it was a pink float) and started to slowly head for the shore. When I was about 10 feet from the shore, I saw something pop out of the water about a foot away from me with the corner of my eye. By the time I looked over, it was already underwater and those on shore said they thought it must have been a turtle, although no one really saw it clearly for sure.

Moments later, something knocked me off of my float and into the water! I didn't know I could swim as fast as I did.

I wasn't really all that interested in getting back in the water after that, but I did. Thankfully that was my only encounter with the living creatures in the lake. Of course, the students will probably never let me live this one down.

Overall, it was a great retreat and a great weekend. I'm sure glad to be home now though.

Monday, June 23, 2008

7 years

Today is Dani's and my 7 year anniversary. I'm so thankful to be married to her and thoroughly enjoy her friendship, depth, and sensitivity to Jesus.

I am often amazed at how her strengths make my weaknesses look better. She challenges, encourages, and supports me. She's an incredible mom to our girls and I'm so thankful that they get to look up to such a godly woman as their primary role model.

The past 7 years have been quite a ride and I'm excited about the rest of our lives together, as I'm confident that the best is yet to come.

I LOVE me wifey!


Thought this was interesting.

What do you think?

If you've already purchased one of these lightbulbs, have you disposed of them properly? I know I've had a few that I did not follow the rules of proper disposal.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Great Message from Louie

I've been a fan of Louie Giglio ever since Dani and I went to Passion '99 in Ft. Worth. I just watched this message and thought it was pretty sweet.

Huh, Laminin...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer League

Yesterday was a crazy-busy day. I mowed my parents' yard, my yard, cleaned the house for company who came over for dinner and played in my first soccer game since my Sophomore year of college.

I feel I've become a bit old. I have my favorite news anchor crew, 10:00 news station, and I enjoy mowing the yard. I'm also getting tired earlier and earlier.

The guests who came for dinner were a ton of fun and it was really nice getting to know them. We met through our church and found that we have a lot in common. Our kids all played outside on the trampoline and an inflatable that my parents bought our girls last year.

Then, I left to play soccer. I've been running again lately so I thought I might be in okay shape...I was WRONG!

This league is a 7-man league. There always has to be at least 3 girls on the field during the whole game. We subbed the dudes every 3 minutes. First off, 3 minutes felt like an eternity when I was on the field and way too short when I was off. At times, my feet felt like I was stuck in cement.

All that said, I had a TON of fun. It was just great getting out there again and kicking the ball around. I never realized what kind of shape I used to be in though. I also was a bit surprised at how easy it was for me to talk some trash to some of the players on the other team.

As soon as one of them said something to me, I snapped back without even thinking about it. It's crazy...I know I have NO room to talk out there. I could barely move after making one run, let alone muster up the composure to spit out one sentence without heavy panting between each word.

I was rather pathetic trying to prove my point to some dude. Trash talking is usually probably done better when you can actually say everything without gettind dizzy in the process. :)

Anyway, I think I'm going to play every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer so maybe I'll get back in a little better shape before it's all done.

Soccer sure is fun! But the day after is painful...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"The Voice of Color"

Marko posted about this fun test you can take to find out what color family suits you best. Here are my results:

What color family suits you best?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Got Bible

I found this video a few years ago when I was a youth pastor, but haven't seen it in a while. I'm glad it's online now. I hope you enjoy.

(Oh, the guy who did this remix has the same name as my dad...only he's not him).

Howard Publishing

The editor that I met with at the writer's conference last weekend was Denny Boultinghouse of Howard Publishing. I'm not that familiar with this publishing house but he sent me three books that he thought could help me in my writing.

So, I just received these books last night and started to read one of them. The one I chose to start with is called A Scandalous Freedom by Steve Brown.

As soon as I started reading this book, I wanted to finish it. It's incredible and engaging and clearly presented. The author has been a pastor for 25 years and is now a professor at a seminary in Florida. It is obvious that he has had to field countless questions and faced people who fear resting in their freedom in Christ.

I'm not far enough yet to fully endorse this as a great book, but if it continues the way it's started, I think it's going to be a book I read several times and will be added to my list of books to go through with other people.

A Scandalous Freedom: The Radical Nature of the Gospel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yet Another Matt Smith

Ok, this guy's older than me so I guess he has more of a right to sigh, "Yet Another Matt Smith" than I do but it is always fun for me to see what others do who share the same name.

I'm still hoping to attend the Matt Smith Convention sometime in 2009.

Monday, June 9, 2008

This is "Sloppy"

This past weekend, I attended a writer's conference in East Texas. One of the cool parts about the conference is that I got to send in a few chapters of my book for an editor to look over and offer a critique of it.

Overall, the meeting was encouraging, but there were a few moments that were a bit less than encouraging. He started by saying that the first sentence was "sloppy." He said that if he had received it at a regular time and not for the conference, that he probably wouldn't have read any more past the first sentence.

The good news is that he liked the idea behind the book, I just need to work on how I'm communicating that idea. So, more work to do but at least I've started...

Hopefully, I'll get less and less "sloppy" as I go.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Youth Ministry Humor

These guys, Marko and Tic, are the head dudes at YouthSpecialties. I thought this was pretty funny...partly because I've either thought some of these things or had people respond to me in similar fashion.

Call of "Duty"