Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Confused...

Today my family loaded up in our car to head to Sam's. On our way, we stopped at Blockbuster to rent Mary Poppins for the girls. S decided she wanted Charlotte's Web so we got her that one and A still wanted Mary Poppins, so we let her rent it as well (they were both $1 rentals too!).

After we got what we needed to from Sam's, we headed home. A realized she wasn't holding her new movie so she asked Dani if she could hold the movie, "Papa John's."

I guess pizza's a pretty big deal at our house. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


I was looking for a notebook to write some notes in and found an old one that I used for journaling, Bible study, and a variety of other things. As I flipped through it, I found a poem that I wrote in 2003. So, here it is:

So big, so old
Impossible to move,
Yet movable.
Reaching to the sky
Majestic, snow-covered
Or brown, tree-covered and dry
Water flows freely off you
But you are not the source.
You are home to so much life
Yet life does not originate from you.
Magnificent beauty,
Fiery destruction.
I wonder what God was thinking
When He spoke you into being.
You are a great example and hope
As Jesus to His disciples spoke,
If one should ask in faith
For a mountain to be moved,
It will be moved indeed,
Even if that faith is as small as a mustard seed.
So big, so old
Impossible to move,
Yet movable.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Political Song

Here's kinda how I feel about politics...

This song is on Derek Webb's album, "The Ringing Bell" if you're interested.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little L isn't happy her blueberries are all gone

Posted by ShoZu

The after shot from her first try with blueberries! She's crying because they're gone. :)

New Apps for iPhone

Last night I downloaded several of the free apps for the iPhone, most of which are pretty cool. One of the apps I put on my phone has a list of several restaurants and allows you to check the nutritional facts on their menus, as well as find the closest restaurant of choice.

Another app is what I used to post the previous post of Dani sitting across from me at TGI Fridays during our 7th Anniversary dinner on June 23rd. It was fun!

This application lets you take a picture and post it directly to a blog of your choice, adding the title, description, and tag and then uploads immediately. Pretty cool stuff.

I can't wait to try out the one that lets you listen to music on your phone and mix/scratch while the song is playing. Rock on! I've always wanted to be a dj...I can live the dream, kinda.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dinner at TGI Fridays for our 7th Anniversary.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daddy's Weekend

This weekend, Dani had a "Mama's Getaway" and I stayed home with our three girls. It's been fun...and tiring. Dani does a much better job than me at running the house and keeping everything in order.

Anyway, this morning we were planning on going to church. The older two dressed themselves while I gave our baby a bath and got her dressed (with a dress Dani set out before she left). While I got ready, everyone hung out in my bedroom and the older two drank a bunch of water by filling up their cups in the bathroom sink.

After I got dressed, I fed baby while I thought the older two were going to the restroom for the last potty trip before we left.

I loaded everyone up for church, almost 30 minutes late for the service, and we headed off. The ride to church was a bunch of fun as we listened to one of the girls' favorite cd's: Alan Jackson singing a bunch of hymns.

When we pulled up to church, I started to get the girls out of the car when I noticed something...S had pottied in her seat!!!

So, we loaded back up and headed home. No church today.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brooke Fraser - Shadowfeet

I just found this girl on iTunes and think her music rocks. This song is pretty cool so I thought I'd share it here. Her album has done great in New Zealand (where she's from) and just recently became available in the States. It's being pushed as a "Pop" album but a Christian thread runs throughout every song.

She's also one of the singer in Hillsong. I'd love to hear what you think about the music...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Hope He's Proud of Me

I saw this clip and was saddened by her comments. She's 24 and still longing for her dad to be proud of her. Divorce is tragic...