Monday, April 30, 2007

Most Unique Story of the Week

Check out this article.

Can youk imagine what the holidays will be like for these guys?

Saturday, April 28, 2007


We closed on our house this past Wednesday at 1:00. Last night, we finally sat down and listened to some messages we've received this week and there was this message from the people who bought our house:

"We just started moving some things into the house and wanted to let you know that you left some dishes in the dish washer and we thought you might want them. Feel free to come by anytime to pick them up. Thanks."

i guess that's what happens when it's up to me to see all the details. :)

The sad part is that i forgot other things as well (a hose, cage for our dog, hose in the back, shelf for washer/dryer stuff).

So, we're spending our first weekend back in Temple gathering up loose ends and doing laundry (our dryer connection doesn't work in our new place).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

T.G.F.I.P. (Thank God For Ice Packs)

After a few days of moving all of our stuff from our old home to our new place, i'm so thankful for ice packs for my back. i'm also REALLY thankful for friends and family that are probably just as sore and tired because they helped us move! It has been an exhausting few days and now we have boxes from floor to ceiling in every room.

It is nice to not feel like i'm in limbo between places any more though. The girls are adjusting and Dani is sick...really sick. Hopefully it won't last long!

This whole process has really been an incredible experience. It is amazing to have friends and family that are willing to help in any way they can and are willing to sacrifice time, energy, money, strength, and whatever is needed in order to help us. THANK YOU to all who have offered help throughout this whole process.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Found it...for now!

Well, we finally found a place to live (at least for the next 6 months). This adventure has been exciting, stressful, and quite the learning process. The main thing i've learned through moving is that God really cares and has created us to live in complete dependence on Him and in Him. That means that in this moment when we needed to figure out what to do with buying vs. renting and where that we didn't have to stress about it and make a decision based on which place had the most positives and fewest negatives or even what place we wanted the most. Living in Him meant that we could really rest in the moment and believe that He was moving, acting, and deciding in us and through us exactly what He wanted to do in and through us.

i'm excited to move and just to feel a little more settled (i.e. able to work at home and not Starbucks as well as able to start the college ministry aspect of Y•LIFe). One of the realizations i had when i was on a jog the other night was that the Christian life is much more than i usually experience because i usually choose my flesh instead of His life in me. Once i surrender to Him, i get to experience the full life He has given and promises! It really is great (kinda like Frosted Flakes...but better). :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great Service

This morning, the fam woke up a little late. We were planning on making it to the early service at Antioch in Waco at 9:30 but we all woke up around 9:15. So, we got dressed and made sure the girls had breakfast and headed up to Waco. We decided to go to UBC instead of waiting until 11:00 for the second service at Antioch.

It's pretty cool how God works everything out because this service at UBC was really good for me to hear. The preacher talked about suffering, or how we respond when we feel like an injustice has been done to us or someone we care about. It was just a refreshing sermon as we looked at Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and when Judas came to betray Him.

It was incredible the way he unpacked the story and helped me picture how Jesus responded to such unjust and miserable circumstances. He pointed out that Jesus actually lived the way He taught...pretty convicting for me. :)

i'm having a little bit of a hard time fully expressing all that Gideon spoke on but it was incredible and i'm thankful that we slept in so we could go to church at UBC. :)

Update on daughter #1: She has roseola (sp?). She had a high fever for three days followed by a rash all over. She's finally feeling better!!! Hopefully nobody else will get it because the next two weeks are going to be incredibly busy.

We're packing to move, trying to buy another house in Waco, preparing for a dnow this upcoming weekend, and figuring out when and how we are going to move all this stuff out of our house to the new one. :) Fun times for our fam!

It is good to get our move on though because things have felt so chaotic with trying to set up in two locations all the time.

One more thing that Gideon said that has made me think. He said that we love hearing about how Jesus has forgiven us and loves us so much but the power of that forgiveness and love is that we must give it away to those in our world.

The David Crowder Band was there this Sunday and it was really great to worship with them. They sang a song called "Remedy" (which is the name of the album they are working on now). It is incredible!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hot body

Two things:

On Easter Sunday, we went to visit some family members in Oregon (aunts, uncles, cousins) and the girls did an Easter Egg Hunt. This was a collassal hunt! They had at least 100 eggs filled with candy (only two girls searched) :).

Not only were there eggs, there were toothbrushes, Mr. Potato Head, little wind mills, play-dough, animal crackers, etc. It was crazy! Before we headed outside, some of our cousins asked daughter #1 if she needed a jacket, to which she replied:

"No thanks. i don't need one because i'm a hot body." :)

Fast forward two days:

Daughter #1 wakes up from her nap with a 103.5 temp! We travelled all day yesterday with her with an elevated temp (peaked at 104.7). So, i guess she really is a hot body!

Hopefully, her temp will lower soon!!!