Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Over the weekend i was with my younger brother Logan. i showed him the video from my previous blog and asked him how this guy could play the guitar without strumming. i am still somewhat amazed watching this guy. Logan, who enjoys music and has quite a talent playing the bass, guitar, and eating ding dongs (sorry logo)...he thought this guy was pretty talented but ruined the mystery by saying that he simply tapped the strings hard enough to make them play. Then he proceeded to show me how he could do it too.

So, there you go...this guy doesn't have a mysterious third arm floating around strumming. He's just tapping. Tap, tap, tapperoo.

Regardless of how he did it, he's good!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Game

i wasn't going to post this game b/c Marko has it on his site and i keep linking stuff i got from him but it's a pretty addicting thing! So, if you're interested in spending too much time doing something that really has no redeemable value, this game is for you!!! :)

good luck.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Double Wire

This game is kinda fun. How far can you get? My best is 55.07 yds.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Rock On DCB

If you like David Crowder Band, vote here for them!

My Bloggith Runnith Over

Why not create one more blog site, right? i mean, four was getting too easy to manage so i thought i'd add a little challenge and jump in with another one. So, here's to adventures in multi-tasking and attempting to keep each blog interesting so as to make it worth your while to check back often.

Exclusive for this site only: i've been learning a lot lately about trusting God. i have professed that i trust Him for most of my life but i haven't ever really HAD to live in that trust. i mean, i would trust Him to help me but i didn't ever really flesh out trusting Him in EVERY aspect of my life and even with my life right now.

The past few months have been quite a journey. It's been completely exciting and life-altering. i'm learning more and more about Romans 12:2 ("be transformed by the renewing of your minds"). i realize how most of my life i have said that i believe in God but then my circumstances i let control me and my emotional state of being.

So i am. A few short weeks away from ending my stint as Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church. When January rolls around, i will be working at Youth Living In Freedom. This is exciting and a little scary. There have been some incredible encouragers along the way that God has used to spur us on and remind us that He is calling Dani and me to this. There have also been some not-so-encouragers :) along the way that have planted (or at least watered) some seeds of doubt in our minds.

Before this past year, i think i would have given up and thought that i hadn't heard from God after all. Discouragement would have my attention. Thankfully God has been revealing Himself as my life, my all, and my source. i know that no matter what i'm feeling or what my circumstances may look like, they are not my life or my reality. My reality is found in Christ. My life is in Christ. He is trustworthy and faithful to do what He says He will do.

i am His. i am trusting and finding out each day that He is always trustworthy. i'm realizing that His grace really is sufficient for today! So, in the midst of not knowing how everything is going to work out and watching as things are not unfolding the way i had planned, i am experiencing peace and joy as i trust God in the moment. This faith life is quite a journey that i am enjoying more now than ever before in my life.

Until next time...